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Magento 2 Stripe Payment Extension

Stripe Payment Gateway For Magento 2: Integrate Stripe payment gateway in your Magento store and receive online payments from your customers. Stripe is a PCI compliant payment company which enables any user to make payments using a credit card , visa and many more. 

Compatible 2.2.X 2.3.X 2.4.X

£ 30

Increase your conversion rate and charge payments securely with Stripe, the easiest way to accept online payments.
Install Stripe’s plugin on your Magento 2
online store, create a Stripe account, and start accepting payments immediately.

Conversion rateOptimize the purchasing funnel

  • Create your Stripe account in 10 minutes and immediately start accepting payments via Visa, MasterCard and American Express (no additional contract/merchant ID needed from your bank)
  • Improve your conversion rate by offering a seamless payment experience to your customers: Stripe lets you host the payment form on your own pages, without redirection to a bank third-part page
  • Keep your fraud under control thanks to customizable 3D-Secure and Stripe Radar, our suite of anti-fraud tools
  • Hundreds of third-part integrations to enrich your Stripe set-up (invoicing, SMS…)
  • Mobile customers can pay in a single tap with Apple Pay.

  • Supports Pay with Google, Android Pay and the Payment Request API.

  • Amazon-style saved cards at the checkout and the customer account section

  • Supports both Stripe.js v2 and Stripe.js v3 with Stripe Elements for SAQ-A PCI DSS v3.2 compliance.

  • Avoid disputes and chargebacks forever by enabling 3D Secure (also known as Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, J/Secure or American Express SafeKey), a technology that shifts the liability of chargebacks to the bank!

  • Send customized email receipts to your customers

  • Complete admin area integration with refunds, creating new orders, saved cards and invoicing orders

  • Multiple address and multi-shipping support

  • Customer synchronization with your Stripe account

  • Increased security and PCI compliance with Stripe.js and card tokenization.

  • Support for many One Step Checkout modules
  • Multi-language and multi-currency support
  • Multi-Stripe account support which can be configured on separate store views
Offer a seamless payment experience to your customers and improve your conversion rate.
  • Stripe is compatible with Magento2’s one-page checkout feature
  • Stripe’s plugin is web responsive and adapts to your customer’s screen, may he be on mobile, tablet or desktop
  • Stripe’s UX has been optimized to reduce the error rate when your customers enter their payment data.


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