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Magento 2 Product Designer XPDC – Discontinued

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Product Designer can be used for any type of products, not only for T-shirts. You can select the design area on the image of almost any product and allow your customers modify it according to their wish. Cups, hats, phone covers, CDs, bags – anything can become unique with this extension!

Extension is compatible with magento 2.2.x 2.3.x 2.4.x

Extenison is not compatible with magento 2.2.x 2.3.x 2.4.x

Compatible 2.2.X 2.3.X 2.4.X

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Full Responsive Product Designer

We created a fully responsive Magento Web to Print tool compatible with all devices. And there’s nothing like the convenience of creating customized products on the go. If you want your Product Designer to have any specific features, let us know and we’ll create a tool exclusive to your needs. Leverage the power of Magento and offer innovative products!

Magento Product Designer Features

Our Web-to-Print Magento Extension come with plentiful features and functionalities. Right from varied text styles and fonts to attractive clipart, it has a lot to offer. At no point in time, your customers will face glitches in designing their favourite product.
Text Features
You can let customers customize all sides of the apparel or restrict them to only one side depending on your printing capability and cost considerations. You can determine this from backend settings.

Clipart Management

If text and clipart can’t get the work done, your customers can also upload images to give a personal touch to their designs. Customers can not only upload image but also give them special effects like masking effect to get the desired creative output

Custom Image Upload

You can let customers customize all sides of the apparel or restrict them to only one side depending on your printing capability and cost considerations. You can determine this from backend settings.

Enable Google Fonts/Upload Fonts

You can add multiple design areas to a single product side. So customer can combine multiple design areas to create rich and creative graphics. Allow your customers to have better control over their designs.

Manage Design Side

Customers can customize any clipart from the clipart library or the clipart uploaded by them by changing its colors, adding image filters like sepia, grayscale, etc or by adding masking effects.


A range of masking effects can be added to the design studio which will help customers to mask their images and cliparts to give them enthralling look. Customer will also get effects like grayscale, sepia, sepia 2 & Invert for creating a range of effects.

  • Add photo.
  • Add text/paragraph.
  • Swap product color.
  • Multiple product sides.
  • Transforming tool.
  • Preview customized design.
  • Watermark of copyright.
  • Save customized design preview.
  • Share customized design.
  • Support SVG artwork.
  • Text option, graphic option.
  • Upload and crop photo from PC.
  • Cliparts management.
  • Fonts management.
  • Layer objects pricing.
  • Set up cost for text and photo.
  • Support multi language/multi store.
  • Editable product design pattern.
  • Output formats in PNG, PDF.
  • Overlay image with multi design area.
  • Get photo from Facebook.
  • Get photo from Instagram.
  • Save customized design to my account. 
  • Shapes management. 
  • Curved Text Plugin. 
  • QR-Code plugin.
  • Source code are customizable.
  • Highly recommended solution for printing company.
  • Output format are SVG, PDF, PNG in high resolution.
  • Optimization for higher speed and SEO(3x faster).
  • Included Background pattern management.
  • Included Mask layer management.
  • Included Design templates management.
  • Advanced curved text plugin.
  • User can upload vectors(.AI,.PDF,.PSD,.EPS) & auto convert into high resolution PNG.
  • Free installation and active domain license key.
  • Unlimited for sub/add-on domains.
  • Source code are customizable.


  • Free custom product’s design.
  • Save customized design in my account.
  • Share customized design with my friends.
  • Free transform text or artwork from libraries.
  • Crop uploaded photo
  • Upload a photo from PC or get via social connection plugins.
  • Design easily than by using a tablet.
  • Simple user interface for faster design.
  • Save customized design in order details.


  • Fonts management.
  • Colors Pattern management.
  • Sample Quotes management.
  • Artworks & Catagories management.
  • Price for clipart, layouts and photo uploads, text.
  • Setup multiple special artwork’s colors.
  • On/Off functionals.
  • Manage product design template.
  • Easily input data.
  • Customized design in order details


  • The source code is open for customization.
  • The standard structure of Magento extension.
  • jQuery and FabricJs combined together.
  • HTML/CSS/JS are open for development.
  • Bootstrap Frontend

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  1. Fraidoon

    Easy to create multiple-side product customization.

  2. Dorris

    Best extension for the product designer.

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